Create for the Kingdom is a special Code for the Kingdom event in Austin, TX. It expands the weekend to include Filmmakers and Game Developers along with the traditional Hackathon-ers. During this weekend there will be a Game Jam, Film Challenge and Hackathon, each with prizes (check them out below). We encourage collaboration between all of the disciplines for the purposes of building a long-term ecosystem where global issues are tackled from a Creative Christian perspective, while welcoming the participations of individuals from all worldviews and faiths.

“How can all Creatives help alleviate and eradicate injustice, teach God’s unconditional love and build a healthier and stronger society?” That is the question we will answer at Create for the Kingdom.

Join us this September, to foster visionary creatives to create new mediums to transform lives through a holistic Christian approach that combats social injustice, creates a culture of generosity, facilitates spiritual justice and unleashes the fullest capacity of each individual.

The weekend event will focus the passion, purpose, and creativity of our entrepreneurial and creative community, connecting incredible innovators with organizations, and initiatives that need their talent.

Join us at Austin,TX as we battle the challenges confronting our communities, our society, our families, and our spiritual lives.

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Event Theme

Social Justice

How will you knock off a little corner of darkness in the world? What creative works can you make that will alleviate the social maladies that oppress so many? Work with non-profits to help rescue victims of human trafficking, combat poverty, lift the fatherless, release the oppressed, heal the sick and feed the hungry. Use your skills to create a brighter world and lift up your community.

Spiritual Justice

Every person has the right to receive God’s Word and discover His unconditional love. Join creative and coding forces to develop films, games and technologies to reduce spiritual poverty. Create ways for children to learn the Word of God, bury it in their hearts and share it with their friends. Create works for prayer, evangelism, mentorship and other innovative means to spiritual formation. .

Help Create a culture of Generosity

The Follower of Christ is called to a life of generous sacrifice extending beyond simple financial generosity, to include generosity of our mind, time and possessions. If the Kingdom of God is to truly to be advanced by us, we need to answer the call of radical generosity. It is only when we live out this radical generosity that the Church will be unleashed in thoughtfulness, action, and resources to advance the Kingdom of God in the world. Create technology, films, and games to encourage individuals and families to become generous in every aspect of their lives.

Engaging and Releasing Our best

Every person has something unique to contribute to the community, society, and church. Yet, most of us do not understand how we can leverage our skills and ideas to improve the lives of others. What if we could discover how to use our unique gifts for God’s Kingdom? Use technology, films, or games to mobilize and equip every member of your community, church and family. Empower them to release their skills as well as to accelerate great ideas and initiatives that could transform the lives of the child or adult down your street.

Register now to join us in Austin, TX as we work to transform lives. Work closely and build new relationships with some of the most effective global ministries, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, hi-tech accelerators, church leaders and creatives from every discipline.

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Here are the winners.

People's Choice

Art of Neighboring

A short film bringing awareness of the need to better know, love, and serve our neighbors (meeting the challenge by Christ Together Greater Austin).


Team Members: Troy Wong, Andrea Christian, Kelli Royse, and Scott Yamamura

Best of New Code

10 Minute Give

Movement providing millennials with quick and guided pathways for discovering their skills and abilities and how best to apply them for kingdom, community, and world impact in 10 minutes per week.


Team Members: Aaron Leong, Frank Leong, Daniel Hagen,Joel Schopp, Tony Mai, Eddy Silva, Dan Fey,Hanna Kahl, Jeffrey Sylvester, and Jeff Dyck

Runner-up of New Code


Connecting parents and caregivers so families can thrive.


Team Members: Jeff Griswold, Doug Phillips, Sherry Chau, Tim Davidson, David French, Eddie McHam, Daniel Sargeant, Joe Quigley, Jon Schober, Joseph Simmons, and Matthew Watts

Best of Existing Code


A crowd-advocacy platform for helping Christian projects build momentum, advocacy and funding

Team Members: Seth Davis, Ricki Frank, and Mark S

Runner-up of Existing Code


Event gamification and analytics platform involving iOS & Android app. Helps event coordinators build unique event APIs.

Team Members: Calvin Bench, and Michael Crowther

Best of New Films

Art of Neighboring

A short film bringing awareness of the need to better know, love, and serve our neighbors (meeting the challenge by Christ Together Greater Austin).


Team Members: Troy Wong, Andrea Christian, Kelli Royse, and Scott Yamamura

Runner-up of New Film

Grace Has a Home

A purely visual retelling of the prodigal son created as a Gospel resource for the unreached deaf community.

Team Members: Hawk McCrary, Adrian Patenaude, Lauren Quigley, and Brandon Reich

Best of Existing Film

Prayer Labyrinth short film

A multi-sensory, interactive, prayer experience


Team Members: Vince Marotte, David Atkins, RC Johnson,Luke Zimbelman, Bret Staudt Willet, Justin Girdler, and Sarah Al-Emoush

Best of New Games

Virtual Prayer Walk

3D VR Prayer Walk

Team Members: Blake Freeburg,Jeff Author, Dan Bryant, Marcell Himawan, and David Schultz

Runner-up of New Code


A Game to learn abusive communication. How to recognize, counter and avoid.

Team Members: Royce Heflin and Caleb Smith

Best Use of Digital Bible Platform

Our Daily Bread*

Pushing the Word to your fingertips every day, and inviting you to respond to it in community.

Team Members: Andrew Olson

Best Use of Digital Bible Platform


Web Application using the Digital Bible Platform API to aid in scripture memory


Team Members: Teri Muhr and Nola Stowe

Seat at Tech Ranch’s Venture Forth 8 week boot camp for startup entrepreneurs

Jeff Dyck

Jeff led the 10 minute give team.


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Friday Sep 12th, 2014
7:00 PMDoors Open
7:00 PM - 8:00 PMDinner & Networking
8:00 PM - 8:25 PMWelcome & Review Format
8:25 PM - 8:35 PMAPI Presentations
8:35 PM - 8:50 PMReview - Official Challenges
8:50 PM - 9:20 PMOpen Floor - pitch your own project
9:20 PM - 11:59 PMTeam Formation/Create Away

This venue will remain open around the clock. Participants are encouraged to utilize the facility and take advantage of the meals and healthy hacker activities day and night, if desired.

Saturday Sep 13th, 2014
12:00 AM - 11:59 PMCreating
8:30 AMBreakfast
12:00 PMLunch
6:00 PMDinner
9:00 AM - 5:00 PMMeet the Mentors

Meet with Mentors is a great opportunity to connect with industry experts who can guide you and your concepts. The organizers will help you connect with mentors of your choice on Friday/Saturday.

This venue will remain open around the clock. Participants are encouraged to utilize the facility and take advantage of the meals and healthy hacker activities day and night, if desired.

Sunday Sep 14th, 2014
12:00 AM - 2:15 PMCreating
8:30 AMBreakfast
10:30 AM - 11:10 AMSunday Service
12:00 PMLunch
1:00 PMPresentation Walk-thru & Judges Make Rounds
2:30 PMTeam Presentations Begin (Films: 5 mins. Tech and Games: 3 min max presentation, 2 min max Q&A)
4:30 PM Judges adjourn
4:50 PMCall-back
5:00 PMAwards Ceremony
5:30 PMClosing

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Our skills are not sufficient to tackle the challenges our society faces. We know the first step must be prayer. As David took down Goliath with the power of God, so we need this same guidance. Thus, for every hour of this event we're asking people from across the Austin area, and the participants to take some time out, and join us in prayer in a 47 hour prayer room onsite at the event venue.



Here are the challenges to get you started. Please remember that more challenges may be presented between now and the first day of the event. If you would like to discuss with potential team members, or even with the champions of these challenges, please join and leverage our Google Plus community.

In case you are already interested or working on a project, don’t change course. But please keep in mind that your project must be aligned with the Transforming Lives Theme of the event. Please come prepared to pitch your project at the event so that you can recruit teams to work on them.

If you have an idea, whether it is in response to one of the challenges below, or your own Transforming Lives project, submit it on our "Challenge Post" project page. On our project page you can display your ideas, connect with others and form teams, and get other's feedback on your solutions.


Know and Love your neighbor

How can we leverage technology, films, or games to cultivate and strengthen one of society's most foundational relationships - neighbors, and ultimately build a healthier and stronger community?

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. But how many of your actual neighbors do you know? How can we expect our communities to flourish when we don’t even know the people living within a few hundred yards from us? How can you love someone if you don’t understand who they are, what they value, their strengths, and the challenges they face? It is easy to be unaware of the needs of others, when we don’t know them. But what a difference could we make in our community if we were intentional at loving our actual neighbors. How much safer, how much healthier would the environment in which children grow be if neighbors knew and loved each other?

How can geo-mapping technology be used in apps/sites to encourage, organize, and promote neighborhood activities led by Christians in the community, fostering a neighborhood movement? How can such technology make us aware of our neighbors’ needs and mobilize our neighborhood to meet those needs? How can technology help us know and love each other?

How can films change the paradigm of what being a neighbor means, inspiring us to know and love our neighbor?

How can games teach children and young people why being a good neighbor is important, how to go from tolerance to grace, the skills for conflict resolution, the value of granting and receiving forgiveness, and how to live a life committed to making things better?


Christ Together Greater Austin

Foster Families

How can we leverage technology, films, or games to help provide a loving home for every child?

Foster parents face difficult challenges on a daily basis. Children in foster care often come from traumatic experiences, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. On top of dealing with the trauma, gaining trust, providing at home health care, helping with the education and the recovery of the child, foster parents have to deal with bureaucratic, underfunded, understaffed, and antiquated legal and social services systems. From having to deal with multiple social workers due to the workers’ high turnover rate, to having to deal with cumbersome State reporting requirements, the administrative tasks of foster parents are very burdensome.

By helping unburden foster parents from some time wasting processes forced upon them by the foster system, you could improve their lives and free them to give greater focus to the needs of their family, improving the chances of the foster child to adjust, recover, and grow healthier in a loving family. By doing this you could help remove some of the barriers that prevent good people from becoming foster parents.

Create apps to help reduce the burden and stress on foster parents by making it easier to meet the tracking and reporting requirements of the state.

Create films to bring awareness to the plight of children in the foster care system while recruiting and encouraging foster and adoptive families.

Create games to help foster children in your community overcome trauma, and develop stronger bonds and trust with other members of their foster families


The For the City Network

Human Trafficking

How can technology and films activate every local church to take an intentional and active role in combating human trafficking?

Even if all the initiatives that fight human trafficking were to work as one, that would not be enough to provide for the rescue, transition, and on-going recovery needs of the large majority of victims of human trafficking worldwide. Only The Church has enough geographical reach, members, and resources to augment the work of the anti human trafficking organizations and meet the victims’ needs when they need them, where they need them, and how they need them.

Imagine the moment when victims of human trafficking are finally escaping their oppressors. Anti-human trafficking case workers might be helping them, but do not have a place for the victims to hide and sleep today, and perhaps a different place tomorrow, and a different place the day after, as victims must be moved from safe place to safe place until they are truly out of the reach of their victimizers. The victims only have the clothes on their back, and they need clotting now. They are traumatized and they need mental health care further than the case workers can provide. Maybe they do not speak the local language and need a translator. They need food. They have many urgent needs that cannot wait. But their needs are not limited to urgent needs. Transitional needs including health care, child care, substance abuse treatment, housing, education, and job training and placement are so many that anti-human trafficking organizations are unable to effectively provide by themselves. The ongoing recovery needs require true transformation that can only take place through Christ and The Church.

How can technology help provide the bridge to a transformed life where every stone of that bridge is a local church connected by the work of anti-human trafficking organizations? What if technology allowed the creation of a global and local resource network that would enable every local church to have a pool of resources (food, housing, money, health care, clothes, training, etc) readily available so anti-human trafficking organizations can tap into those resources when, where, and how victims need them? Ask why churches do not have such readily available resources, and change that.

How can films activate in each of us, as well as The Church, the calling to fight human trafficking and partner with others to provide for the victim in your own community?


Redeemed Ministries

Environmental Sustainability

How can we ensure environmental sustainability in our local and global community?

We are called to protect our environment and the beauty of nature reflects God’s love. The Pope recently stated that environmental degradation “is one of the biggest challenges we have,” and posed the question “Isn’t humanity committing suicide with this indiscriminate and tyrannical use of nature?” How can we inspire and enable Austin, as well as the global community, to preserve our environment?


The Cleanweb Initiative

Reaching Muslims

How can you help enable a relational dialog about the Gospel with the 2 Billion Muslims globally?

How can you help Muslims learn about Christ? While many Muslims are interested in learning more about Christ, most of them do not want their family and friends to know. Fear of others and security are very real issues to a Muslim engaging the Gospel. However, being a very relational culture, Muslims make decisions in the context of community.

How can technology, films, and games help Muslims engage with the Gospel in the context of community, while protecting their identity for security?

How can you help the 13 million ethnic Christians in the Middle East reach their Muslim neighbors? How can you encourage them, disciple them, and help them reach their own nations?


Faith Comes By Hearing Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs

Persecuted Church

How can you connect and enable the non-persecuted Church to support the persecuted Church?

Christians are experiencing increasing persecution throughout the world including the Middle East, North Korea, China, and Northern Africa. How can you engage the non-persecuted church, and get them to pray, help, and advocate for their persecuted brothers and sisters?


Leadership Network Faith Comes By Hearing

Reaching the deaf community

How can we more effectively reach and engage the Deaf community with the Gospel thru technology, film and games?

Deaf people are one of the most unengaged people groups with the Gospel. It has been said that the global deaf population represents the fourth largest unreached group. Some statistics point out that less than 2% of deaf people call themselves Christian. Create technology, films, and games to reach and engage the deaf with the Gospel, Christian mentors, Christian initiatives, and churches.


Faith Comes By Hearing

Radical Generosity

How can we enable and inspire youth to be radically generous?

Too long the church has focused on a narrow view of generosity dealing solely on the financial giving of adults, and forgotten to teach a holistic view of generosity (generosity of thoughts, time and stuff). Not only this, but the culture of youth and teens is very different than Baby Boomers, who the church has traditionally turned to for support. With the future of the church at stake, how can we properly instill a holistic view of radical generosity in youths and teens by being generous in their thoughts, time, and with their stuff (money included).

How can games inspire and teach youth to be generous with thoughts, time and resources?

How can film inspire a culture of generosity?

How can an app help us live a life of true fasting as proclaimed in Isaiah 58:6-12?


Leadership Network Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs


How can you help Christians be part of a network of mentors and mentees, transforming people's lives?

While Church leaders are often overwhelmed serving the needs of others, the spiritual gifts, talents, and leadership capacity of Christians at large often goes unnoticed. Yet, in today’s world, most every person has an educational or training specialty that could uniquely contribute to the life of others, the church, and the community.

How can we leverage technology, films, and games to foster a culture of peer mentoring where people who need mentoring in one set of skills not only can be mentor by a peer but in return they can mentor others with the skills they have been gifted?


Leadership Network Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs

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A panel of judges will award thousands of dollars in cash prizes.


  • $1,000 to Best Overall App or Site started at the event
  • $1,000 to Best Overall App or Site started before the event
  • $500 to Runner-up App or Site started at the event
  • $500 to Runner-up App or Site started before the event


  • $1,000 to Best Overall Game started at the event
  • $1,000 to Best Overall Game started before the event
  • $500 to Runner-up Game started at the event
  • $500 to Runner-up Game started before the event


  • $1,000 to Best Overall Film started at the event
  • $1,000 to Best Overall Film started before the event
  • $500 to Runner-up Film started at the event
  • $500 to Runner-up Film started before the event


  • $750 to People’s choice (voted by all participants across all submitted projects)
  • One seat at Tech Ranch’s Venture Forth 8 week boot camp for startup entrepreneurs
  • $500 for the Best Use of the Digital Bible Platform API.
  • Special prizes for the Best Use of the Clarify API.

After the event, your apps, films, and games will be featured in a Leadership Network Advance edition reaching over 50,000 church leaders worldwide.

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Meet with Mentors is a great opportunity to connect with industry experts who can guide you and your concepts. Schedule your sessions with mentors of your choice on Friday/Saturday and get connected.

Ali Llewellyn

Ali Llewellyn
Co-founder, International Space Apps Challenge

Ali works on expanding the scale and scope of public-private mass collaborations that improve governance and engage citizens in creating a better world. Her background in education, cross-cultural communication and theology provides the passion and articulation necessary to help companies and communities take their mission to the next level. She was a co-founder of the International Space Apps Challenge and National Day of Civic Hacking, two of the largest mass collaborations in history, and has traveled widely with a vision to ignite church planting movements in the nations.
Anne-Marie Clegg

Anne-Marie Clegg
Senior Partner Marketing Manager, VMware

Anne-Marie, a 7 year veteran at VMware, is currently part of the Channel and Alliance marketing organization where she focuses on product marketing and partner programs. Previously, Anne-Marie was responsible for the VMware technology partner program, which received the 2008 Software Industry Award for its Outstanding Partnering Program by Software Business Magazine. She has a degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Russian Studies from Texas A&M university. Anne-Marie has spent most of her career in Silicon Valley working for a variety of technology companies including Accenture, Intuit and webMethods (now Software AG).
Anne-Marie has served as a mentor to high school entrepreneurs thru the BUILD program and most recently took time off to build houses in South India with Hands on Houses. She recently returned to Texas and resides in Austin where she enjoys taking advantage of the outdoors.
Keith Casey

Keith Casey
Director of Platform, Clarify

Keith Casey currently serves as Director of Platform for Clarify working to make APIs easier, more consistent, and help solve real world problems. Previously, as a developer evangelist at Twilio, he worked to get good technology into the hands of good people to do great things. In his spare time, he works to build and support the Austin technology community, blogs occasionally at CaseySoftware.com and is completely fascinated by monkeys. Keith is also the author of "A Practical Approach to API Design" from Leanpub
Frank Preston

Frank Preston
Media Strategist for Islamic World, Pioneers

Frank Preston earned his PhD researching the confluence of media and cell group formation in the recruitment and training of participants of radical Islamic movements. This expertise aids in understanding media and church planting movements among Muslim background peoples. Preston is now helping media strategist develop technology rich strategies that are deployed among Islamic populations. He writes a blog media2movements.org that discusses New Media strategies in outreach.
Preston’s research findings have been published in The Journal of Development Communication, Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Oxford Analytica, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, and chapters in several scholarly books including one for West Point Military academy. He has presented his research findings in several international venues for government and non-government entities including churches. Frank and his wife Linda lived in Indonesia for twelve years where he was a bi vocational worker with Pioneers tasked with developing media strategies to reach Muslims.
Jeff Griswold

Jeff Griswold
Special Projects Developer, The Austin Stone Community Church

Jeff Griswold is the Special Projects Developer with the Austin Stone Community Church. After spending nearly nine years as a Lead Web Developer and Solutions Architect for Progressive Insurance, Jeff joined Austin Stone in March 2013 to lead some strategic technology initiatives. Jeff is passionate about harnessing technology to enable the ministry of the saints to further the kingdom of Christ. Jeff and his wife Cara are parents to four children, including three whom they adopted from foster care.
Jen Bullard

Jen Bullard
Founder, Texas Game Labs & Captivate Conference

A civic minded business woman I have been working to support the video game business ecosystem, and do so through my work on Captivate and the Texas Creative Incubator. These two initiatives have a healthy relationship with each other and I am currently working to develop both in tandem with several awesome people.
This all started when I tried to start my own venture and found little resources available for a fledgling start-up. After looking at the industry as a whole I realized there was a project there, rolled up my sleeves and got started. Now we are at the stage where things are taking shape, with an Incubator spinning up quickly to support creative industries and a conference to captivate professionals, entrepreneurs and educators.
My traditional background is an Executive Producer who has worked on a wide variety of titles, platforms and teams. I have worked well with executives, directors and leads to organize and manage the schedule, keep on budget and satisfy the needs of each individual team member. I possess a strong ability to develop and grow relationships with business partners. My goal is to leverage this background to smooth the communications between start-ups and investors, providing both groups with the support and information they need to be successful.
As the Chapter Chair of IGDA-Austin I have enjoyed building community, developing events and providing support to our local government as a representative of the gaming industry. My goal is to continue to expand the services that IGDA-Austin provides and continue to improve our community.
Kevin Koym

Kevin Koym
Founding Partner, Tech Ranch Austin

As a seven-time startup veteran and CEO and founder of Tech Ranch Austin, a venture accelerator for early-stage technology companies, Kevin Koym is a recognized pioneer in the startup community whose influence has been felt by over 4,000 entrepreneurs from 20 countries. His continuous ability to replicate entrepreneurial success for emerging technology companies is a result of a proven community-based approach to provide the support and pragmatic agitation needed for entrepreneurs to not just accelerate their business, but also disrupt their targeted markets.
His motivation to work with startups stems from his belief that supported entrepreneurs create more innovation, which leads to more solutions to address society�s most pressing issues. As a result, Kevin is known worldwide for his work in establishing entrepreneur networks in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Singapore and Korea.
His distinguished career fuels his passion for advising startups, which has seen two $0-to-$1 million startups and four others that made the $500,000 mark, and a number of �firsts� including the development of the first internet banking application in 1995 and the first large-scale e-commerce application engine, which generated over $2 billion in revenue for Dell Computer in the late 1990s. Kevin was at the forefront of exploring profile-driven commerce, the use of Linux to secure networks and exploring the feasibility of Affective Computing. And, his experience working with technology luminary Steve Jobs at NeXT influences his ability to inspire the global entrepreneurs he supports.
In 2010, the Association of Information Technology Professionals, Austin Chapter, honored Kevin as �Technology Community Leader of the Year�. Prior to founding his own companies, and in addition to NeXT, Kevin worked for the UT Health Science Center, Southwest Research Institute, Motorola, and IBM, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, and is an Eagle Scout.
Kyle Hughes

Kyle Hughes
Co-founder, Prelude Strategies

Kyle Hughes is a native Austinite and has more than twenty-five years of operational experience within early stage and start-up companies including the technology, entertainment, alternative energy, and multi-media industries. He has served as CEO and various other Executive positions including Fortune 500 management experience and has a strong entrepreneurial background with extensive start-up experience. He has secured extensive private equity funding from individual and institutional investors and orchestrated and participated in the mergers and acquisitions of privately held companies. Kyle has also participated as an investor and partner in several successful ventures. He has managed and guided project teams to successful conclusions and has proven project management, integration, and team building experience. Kyle has established and maintained relationships in emerging countries for potential customers, strategic alliances, and funding purposes.
Kyle is active and passionate about his involvement and management with non-profit boards and foundations. He is currently active on the board of the KCL Foundation and the Advisory Board of Caritas of Austin, Austin Clubhouse, Wonders & Worries, and EcoRise Youth Innovations.
LouAnn Hunt

LouAnn Hunt
Digital Bible Manager

LouAnn Hunt is the Digital Bible Manager at Faith Comes By Hearing. She leads an awesome team who created the second-most downloaded Bible app, Bible.is, offering Bibles in over 800 languages. LouAnn also oversees the Digital Bible Platform, the world's largest digital library of Bible text, audio, and video content, which is available via API. Digital initiatives she manages include localization strategies, Deaf Bible app, KIDZ Bible app, Smart TV apps, radio, and satellite.She loves all things digital and is passionate about getting God's Word to everyone, everywhere in their heart language through every digital means available now and in the future. She is always looking for innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to get the Bible into the hands of every human on earth. Her team's vision is for no one to have to search for the Bible in their language, "the Bible should just BE..."
Mark S

Mark S
Director of Product Development, Horizons International

Mark is Director of Product Development for Horizons International, a Christian non-profit with ministries focusing on the Middle East. Mark lived in the Middle East for 7 years, and has worked with Muslims for over 17 years. He has done Business as Missions in the Middle East, starting a software company with a US and Middle East presence. Currently, Mark also has a start-up called GospelFunder, working on the problem of the Church and generosity.
Mary Beth Minnis

Mary Beth Minnis
Producer and Mentor, Cru

After several years of serving in leadership roles with Cru, Mary Beth has shifted her focus to the world of documentary film-making. Propelled by a desire to make stories of redemption and hope known worldwide, she has been a part of producing two documentary shorts and one narrative short. "Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down" is her latest film.
Matthew Watts

Matthew Watts
Digital Strategist, Campus Crusade for Christ International

Matt likes asking the "What if?", "What about?", and "Why not?" questions which eventually led him and his family to Asia for 12 years. Matt currently works in the US as a global digital strategist with Cru. While nudging that 63-year-old ministry toward digital maturity, he helps energize Indigitous.org, a group passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies.
Nicholas Skytland

Nicholas Skytland
Co-founder, National Day of Civic Hacking

Nicholas Skytland is an expert on harnessing the power of open innovation, data and technology to reform business and government. He founded NASA's Open Innovation Program, where he led the implementation of numerous White House mandates, including the Open Government, Open Data and Digital Strategy directives, with a focus on liberating high value data sets, pushing forward the use of open source software, developing cutting-edge technology, and creating participatory opportunities to engage citizens in solving humanity’s grand challenges.
Scott Yamamura

Scott Yamamura
Co-Founder, Created To Create

Scott helped found the creative non-profit organization, Created To Create. He is leading the team from Seattle to form community amongst creatives, serve churches and non-profit organizations in their photo/video/design needs, and introduce a fresh, open and invitational perspective to bringing God's Kingdom to the creative culture and industry. He enjoys shooting videos that share the Gospel, challenges others to serve, and happens to be a retired professional skateboarder still serving with the ministry Boarders For Christ.
Troy Carl

Troy Carl
Vice President, Faith Comes By Hearing

Revolutionary initiatives and programs led by Troy Carl include the development of the 40-day MP3 Bible program called You've Got The Time, the BibleStick, the Military BibleStick, the Audio Bible Ambassador software system, and the Digital Bible Platform, which features API Scripture distribution in nearly 800 languages via radio broadcast, digital download, SMS, streaming, and its premier mobile app network Bible.is. This platform has reached over 100 million unique users in 246 countries in under 36 months. Troy brings a strategic understanding of how to employ Internet and mobile technology in the service of God’s kingdom. He manages diverse teams of professionals across multiple disciplines including, fundraising and development, marketing and communications as well as digital technologists. Troy has sought out and developed Bible engagement campaigns that use state-of-the-art tools to bring people closer to God. One of these Bible listening initiatives is You’ve Got The Time, which is designed to combat biblical illiteracy and raise awareness of the need for Audio Scripture outreach to the world’s poor and illiterate people. Since 2006, nearly seven million men, women, and children in over 16,000 churches from 140 denominations have participated. Troy was also the president and CEO at eStarNetwork, a telecommunications Internet company. He also served on the board of directors of Cognigen Networks Inc. (OTC:BB CGNW), a publicly traded Internet company with gross sales of more than $50 million a year. Prior to that, he was the senior vice president/director of sales for WorldConnect Communications Inc.
Vince Marotte

Vince Marotte
Internet Pastor, Gateway Church

Vince Marotte is a communicator, futurist, speaker and consultant. He dwells in creative spaces and lives with ideas. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always looking for a better way to do things. He recently wrote Context and Voice—communication design in our new media culture and also contributes regularly to Outreach Magazine.
Vince is currently the Internet Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas and has served in ministry since the 90′s. He was first a Youth Pastor in San Diego and Kauai, Hawaii and planted churches in Southern California. He is married to Tami (12 years) and father to daughter Ashtynne and son Steele. He is also a lifelong skateboarder, nature lover, foodie, craft beer enthusiast and competitive cyclist.

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At Create For The Kingdom, we value your precious time and don’t want you to reinvent the wheel. That’s why our sponsors have come forward to offer their API, in order to enable you to build better and faster. That said, please note that there is no compulsion that these API must be used or any other restrictions on technologies that you may use at the event,

We believe that these platforms may assist you as you create effective solutions to today’s problems. We have also instituted prizes for the best usage of the APIs our sponsors have provided. So leverage these API and the best resources around so that together, we can create somthing that matters.

Access digital Bible content in hundreds of languages. Free.

Easy access to Bible text, audio, and videos with simple API calls to the Digital Bible Platform. Become one of the few developers to provide Deaf Bible videos in your app.

Help Faith Comes By Hearing enhance the Digital Bible Platform for the developer community. Provide your feedback and in turn support enhancements for your apps.

During the event, this username and key will be active so developers can immediately use the API. If you want to continue using the API after the event you can sign up for your own key.

Makes searching AV files simple for developers to integrate into their applications.

Clarify is a self-service API that allows you to make your audio and video files actionable via search and extracted keywords and topics. The Clarify API provides a RESTful API to extract knowledge from audio and video content.

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Why the rules?

The rules are in place to give every participant the same opportunity for success. In order to be eligible for the prizes, participants must follow the rules. However, if you want to participate and not follow the rules below, you will be permitted to do so, although you will not be eligible for the prizes.

Importantly, you can start creating ahead of the event or at the event. So what are you waiting for? Register now and get started!

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Read the rules

You can start creating ahead of the event or at the event.


Participants are free to use any tools that they know, in order to help them create.

creating RULES

There will be identical but separate cash awards for teams that started creating before the event as well as teams that started creating at the event. However, some or all of the creating must take place at the event, in order to be eligible for the prizes.


Although not mandatory, participants are encouraged to use our platform sponsor’s technologies.


Participants have full ownership of what they build during the Create for the Kingdom event and are free to do with it as they wish. If you create as a team, the IP is shared by the team. If you create as an individual, the IP is all yours.


Films must not exceed 5 minutes (including credits).


Any music and sound effects used in films, games, and apps must be licensed for public and web display.


You must secure permission for public and web display if you use any copyrighted material in your creation.


You must have permission to have on-screen.


All costs associated with the production are responsibility of the entrant.


Any equipment or camera, or number of cameras may be used.


Participant must submit their project by the submission time on Sunday afternoon. No late submissions will be accepted.


Prizes are non- transferable by the winner. Prize winners will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting a prize.

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What's a hackathon, a Film Challenge, and a Game Jam?

A hackathon is an event where people get together and develop some awesome technologies, and in this case films (Film Challenge) and games (Game Jam), in a short time span. Think of it as a creative marathon where at the end you have some product to show for.

Who is organizing the 2014 Create for the Kingdom Austin event?

The Create for the Kingdom Austin event is being organized by Leadership Network with the collaboration of the Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs meetup group.

What is this event trying to accomplish?

This event is a non-profit event to encourage the activation and on-going collaboration of a larger ecosystem of all sort of creative individuals (including app/site programmers and designers, filmmakers, game designer and developers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of churches, non-profits, and the marketplace) who are passionate about creating works to tackle from a Christian perspective the challenges confronting our society, our communities, our churches, and our spiritual lives.

Is there a main theme to the Create for the Kingdom Austin event?

Yes, Transforming Lives. How can technology, films, and games help alleviate and eradicate all forms of injustice while teaching about God’s unconditional love?

I'm from outside the Austin. Can I still participate?

Yes. Join us.

I'm not Christian. Can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely.

What if I am not a technologist, a filmmaker, or a game designer/developer?

Everyone has something to offer to help transform lives. If you come full of ideas there will be others eager to be in a team with you.

Do I have to bring my own laptop?

Yes; we do not provide computers. Please bring anything you’ll need to work.

Is food provided?

Yes – We will provide dinner on Friday Sep 12th, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday Sep 13th, and breakfast, and lunch on Sunday the Sep 14th.

I can’t stay the entire 47 hours, can I still participate?

Yes. We realize that 47 hours is a long time, and that some people might have other commitments, or might prefer to work remotely, or need to go home/hotel to rest and shower. Yet, you should be present for the initial few hours of the kickoff, and at some point you need be at the venue and do some work onsite. You will also need to be present for the final few hours for the project presentations and judging.

Can I sleep at the venue?

Yes the venue will be open for the duration of the event, please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, or whatever you might need, and find a place at the venue to take a good nap.

Are there showers at the venue?


Will I meet my team members before the event?

Possibly. You can use the Code for the Kingdom Google + Community at anytime to meet other participants, propose ideas, and recruit or be recruited into a team. But you can also bring your own team, or come alone and become part of a team at the event.

Can I present a technology, film, or game I already have?

You can build on top of something you have, but whatever you present must be in alignment with the event theme and have something new created for at least one of the challenges or projects of the event and you must do some of that work at the venue during the event hours.

Won’t other teams who are building on top of their existing works, have an unfair advantage over me who plans to start creating during the actual event hours?

We don’t think so. There will be separate prizes, but of similar amount, for teams that present projects built on their existing works, and for teams that start fresh at the event. We want to honor all of you, regardless of whether you have been working for a while on something you are passionate about, or whether you decide on something brand new.

Do I have to work non-stop?

No. The work space will be available non-stop (the entire hackathon 47) but it is up to you and your team to decide on your work schedule.

Who owns the IP of what we make?

This is ultimately a question for your team. But neither the local organizers nor Code for the Kingdom claims any ownership of any works you develop.

Will I be able to test my presentation before the final presentation?


What's the format of the final presentation?

Each filmmaking team will have 5 minutes to show its creation, with no questions from the judgers. Technology and games teams will have 3 minutes for their demo and 2 minutes to answer questions from the judges.

Who will be in attendance at the final presentations?

The final screening is public, although space is limited. Expect a mixture of participants, hi-tech executives, filmmakers, venture capitalists and angels, ministry and non-profit leaders, press, and observers.

Will there be awards given?

Yes. We will give cash awards.

What's the hashtag?


Who is on the Jury?

The jury’s composition will be announced closer to the date of the event.

What are the judging criteria?

The judges will consider Kingdom impact, viability, innovativeness / originality, and completeness.