How can technology help alleviate and eradicate all forms of injustices, teach about God’s unconditional love, and build a healthier and stronger society?

This May, we want to develop new technologies to transform lives through a holistic Christian approach that combats social injustice, creates a culture of generosity, facilitates spiritual justice and unleashes the fullest capacity of each individual.

Code for the Kingdom is a weekend Hackathon where global issues are tackled with a Christian perspective. Join us at Redwood City, CA as we battle the challenges confronting people all over the world.

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Event Theme


Every person has something unique to contribute to the community, society, and church. Yet, less than 20% of us are actively engaged in doing what we could do. Most of us do not understand how we can leverage our skills and ideas to improve the lives of others. What if we could discover how to use our unique gifts for God’s Kingdom? Build technologies to mobilize and equip every member of your community, church and family. Empower them to release their skills as well as to accelerate great ideas and initiatives that could transform the lives of the child or adult down your street.


Every person has the right to receive God’s Word and discover His unconditional love, because only God’s truth has the ability to transform the heart and the mind. Join forces with other like minded individuals and create technologies that help reduce spiritual poverty in every nation, city, community, family, and individual. Build mobile applications to help children learn the Word of God, bury it in their hearts and share it with their friends. Create technologies for prayer, evangelism, mentorship, and other innovative means to spiritual formation.


The Church and non-profits are always significantly underfunded. The Great Commission could be tremendously impacted and enhanced if financial resources were available. What better opportunity than this to cultivate generosity with Generis? Build fresh user experiences that can help organizations redefine the giving experience for their patrons. Leverage the power of technology to encourage individuals and families to become generous to the causes and churches.


How can technology alleviate the social maladies that oppress so many? How can you help knock off a little corner of darkness?

Register now to join us in Redwood City, CA as we work to leveraging technology to transforms lives. Plus, you get to rub shoulders with some of the most effective global ministries, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, hi-tech accelerators, church leaders and creative individuals from every discipline.

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Here are the winners.

Best of New Code


Generous is way for missionaries to tell their stories to their donor communities and easily accept micro-donations. The app creates a bridge between missionaries and those who would like to support them. From the app, missionaries can send updates on projects and things they are working on via a post or picture. The person on the other end who is interacting with the missionary is provide with a means of “liking” the update of the missionary but giving $1 or some other amount of money. The developer is working to enhance the app and add off-line capabilities


Team Members:John Boiles, Ryan Longfield, Lana Choi, Michael Ishigaki, Michael Lee

Best of Existing Code


Ceaseless is seeking to enable a way for Christians to pray for everyone on earth. Ceaseless is a viral app that leverages the Digital Bible Platform and bridges with the most powerful social networking platforms on Earth. The goal of the app is to empower social network users to pray for every person they are “friends” with. Over the course of the weekend, Ceaseless work to develop their platform against Renren, which is a very powerful network in China. The app can be used in many other settings as well, such as churches and businesses.


Team Members: Christopher Lim, Bin Qian, Alan Young, Kim-Fu Lim

Runner-up of New Code

Faith Comes by Phone

Reaching the minority percentage with a Gospel they understand. 93% of the world can be reached by a mobile phone. The majority of those users have a smartphone. But what about those who have yet to get a smartphone? That’s where Faith Comes By Phone comes in. It is a call-back service that allows for scriptures to be sent to people by phone. Since incoming calls are free in most countries, Faith Comes By Phone, gives users a code that that “call in”. After the initial call is made with that code, the user receives an incoming call that begins speaking scripture in that person’s native language.


Team Members: Charles P Miller II

Runner-up of Existing Code

Great Stories of the Bible

Making the bible more accessible and shareable in China. Great Stories of the Bible provides quick access to short stories in the Bible. Using the two sponsor APIs, the developer was able to provide a list of stories that can be read or heard in native languages. Those stories or verses can also be shared on many of the popular social networks in China.


Team Members: Leigh McCulloch

People's Choice

Aid Homeless

Helping to show God’s grace to the homeless. Aid Homeless provides a way to safely donate money directly to SF City Impact and other ministries instead of giving cash. A unique code allows the homeless to redeem that code for food or clothing.


Team Members: Peter Ma, Adarsh Uppula

Best Use of Digital Bible Platform


Ceaseless is seeking to enable a way for Christians to pray for everyone on earth. Ceaseless is a viral app that leverages the Digital Bible Platform and bridges with the most powerful social networking platforms on Earth. The goal of the app is to empower social network users to pray for every person they are “friends” with. Over the course of the weekend, Ceaseless work to develop their platform against Renren, which is a very powerful network in China. The app can be used in many other settings as well, such as churches and businesses.


Team Members: Christopher Lim, Bin Qian, Alan Young, Kim-Fu Lim

Best Use of the American Bible Society API


+Bible is an app that seeks to engage people by allowing them to share their thoughts and commentaries on the bible with friends and community groups. The app also allows a space for theologians and respected writers to add additional commentary. The developers are currently working to add additional platforms and features that allow your thoughts and commentaries to be public or restricted to certain groups.


Team Members: Chris Lee, Chris Chiu, Femi Olutade

Salem Web Network Special Prize


Transform seeks to aid spiritual development by strengthening small groups. The app seeks to alleviate some of the barriers and challenges that small groups often face. From the app, small group leaders can handle logistics, update discussion questions and scriptures, and invite others to their small group.


Team Members:

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Friday May 30th, 2014
6:00 PMDoors Open
6:00 PM - 7:15 PMDinner & Networking
7:15 PM - 7:20 PMWelcome,
7:21 PM - 7:29 PMTroy Carl,
Vice President Faith Comes By Hearing
7:30 PM - 7:50 PMPat Gelsinger,
7:51 PM - 8:00 PMPrayer
8:00 PM - 8:20 PMFormat & Sponsor API
8:25 PM - 8:45 PMReview - Official Challenges
8:45 PM - 9:00 PMOpen Floor - pitch your own "Transforming Lives" challenge
9:00 PM - 11:59 PMTeam Formation/Hack Away

This venue will remain open around the clock. Participants are encouraged to utilize the facility and take advantage of the meals and healthy hacker activities day and night, if desired.

Saturday May 31st, 2014
12:00 AM - 11:59 PMHacking
8:30 AMBreakfast
12:00 PMLunch
6:00 PMDinner and Networking
9:00 AM - 5:00 PMMeet the Mentors

Meet with Mentors is a great opportunity to connect with industry experts who can guide you and your concepts. The organizers will help you connect with mentors of your choice on Friday/Saturday.

This venue will remain open around the clock. Participants are encouraged to utilize the facility and take advantage of the meals and healthy hacker activities day and night, if desired.

Sunday June 1st, 2014
8:30 AMBreakfast
11:00 AM - 11:20 AMNancy Ortberg - Sunday Service
12:00 PMLunch
1:00 PMPresentation Walk-thru & Judges Make Rounds
2:30 PMTeam Presentations Begin (5 min max presentation, 3 min max Q&A)
4:30 PM Judges adjourn
4:50 PMCall-back
5:00 PMAwards Ceremony
5:30 PMClosing

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Here are the challenges to get you started. Please remember that more challenges may be presented on the first day of the Hackathon. If you would like to discuss with potential team members, or even with the champions of these challenges, please join and leverage our Google Plus community.

In case you are already interested or working on a project, don’t change course. But please keep in mind that your project must be aligned with the Transforming Lives Theme of the Hackathon. Please come prepared to pitch your project at the Hackathon so that you can recruit teams to work on them.

Absent Fathers

How can technology help alleviate and/or combat the effects of fatherlessness in a child’s life, in turn strengthening families, reducing poverty and crime?

Fatherlessness is epidemic, affecting one out of every 4 children in the United States. According to the US Census and other data, fatherless children represent: 75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers, 85% of youths in prisons, 63% of youth suicides, 90% of all homeless and runaway children, 85% of all children who show behavior disorders, 71% of all high school dropouts. Fatherless children are four times more likely to be poor, and at least twice as like to be involved in criminal activity.

What if technology could foster ways by which every fatherless family could receive love, opportunities, mentorship, support, kindness, healthy relationships, and genuine acceptance from others?


Leadership Network

Bible in China

What new technology can help make the Bible in Chinese be available, known, and heard on the top Chinese social networks, particularly on Qzone, Sina Weibo, and WeChat?

For over 80 years the Bible has been suppressed in China. But now it is being made available broadly and freely across technology platforms. Yet, the Chinese people are largely unaware of The Bible’s availability.

How can we let the entire Chinese nation become aware that they have access to the Bible? How can we allow Chinese Christians to share scripture with others? How can we use technology to accelerate the presentation of The Gospel in China?


Faith Comes By Hearing

Digital Volunteer Record

What if there was a way for individuals to carry a digital “volunteer record” that would allow ministry leaders to see their background checks, gifts, skills, endorsements, past ministry and volunteering experience, etc, fast tracking their involvement in ministry?

Because of the transient nature of our culture, churches have many new members walking through their doors each year. Many of these members have experience and expertise in volunteer ministry that is often left idle due to complicated approval processes, poor follow up, and an overall lack of information sharing.

A Digital Volunteer Record could not only shorten the on-boarding time and simplify the process required to engage new members in ministry, but it could also cut down on a lot of duplicate administrative work that is often done in large churches where the same information needs to be collected and shared across multiple ministries. This Electronic Record would not be limited to church activities but it could be used for all type of volunteerism.


Leadership Network

Language, Literacy and the Unreached

How can technology promote worldwide biblical literacy? How can technology help people with limited reading skills to understand and engage the Bible?

50% of the world is illiterate and will never be reached with the printed page. And yet, every person has the right to receive God’s Word in their own language because, only God’s truth has the ability to transform the heart and the mind.

Even among the literate, biblical content in their heart language may be scarce and even in languages where there is an abundance of content, many people are not biblically literate.

How can technology promote worldwide biblical literacy? How can technology help people with limited reading skills to understand and engage the Bible?

There is such a thing as “heart language.” These are the thoughts in your head, the phrases you naturally repeat, the songs that make their way from your lips into your psyche. Most of these are first heard with our ears and repeated with our lips.

For the first time in history the Bible in text, audio and video has now been normalized and made available via APIs so YOU can reach 5.7 billion people in over 800 languages. Through the Digital Bible Platform you can integrate the Bible in all of your most effective digital evangelism, discipleship and engagement tools? Faith Comes By Hearing is looking for the most creative ways to apply this platform to reach the World! And they want to support you all the way to accomplish this.

What if people around the world could remember the whole counsel of God in their heart language? Can believers have the promises, reasoning, implications, songs and stories of Scripture readily available in their hearts and minds instead of simply on their smartphones or bookshelves?

Can we build oral translation technology to help multilingual churches thrive and promote the witness of a united church that spans language and cultural barriers?

Can we invent tools that empower people to create multilingual video and audio content that engages people who are not proficient readers with the Scriptures?


Faith Comes By Hearing

Mind-Opening Game

How can a mobile game disrupt the mindsets of atheism, postmodernism and secularism among youth today?

Research OneHope conducted in Europe this year showed that a startlingly high percentage of youth were entirely disinterested in God, discussing Him, learning more, or reading material concerning God; it was all completely out of the question for them. In an environment like that, we cannot start with the Bible, or even a contextualized version of the Gospel. Instead, we need a game for a secular audience that is fun, challenging, and subtly brings users to reexamine their own presuppositions about the world, open the door and spark a curiosity that could lead to a willingness to listen to what the Bible has to say.

Even if all you build is a framework, or a concept or an intro video or a single level that can be developed further, that would be a great start in only 48 hours.


One Hope

The New Good Samaritan

Can you create technology that would foster a new Good Samaritan personal ethos, in which each and every one of us would have the tools to see, hear, report, and help met the spiritual and physical needs of others?

There are initiatives and technologies empowering churches and non-profits to help meet the needs of people in their communities. But what if instead of thousands of churches and non-profits taking the lead, it was millions of individuals all over the world doing so as part of their lifestyle? Imagine how many more people would be served and lifted.

How many times have some many of us walked by the Tenderloin district not really seeing the ones in need. Whether you are volunteer or not, you could record the need, pinpoint the location, report it to local charities like San Francisco City Impact, and collaborate with SFCI to activate your friends, and any individual and any organization that can help meet the need of that individual. Whether it is a prayer request, a pair of glasses, warm clothes, housing, or any other need, the ability to set change in motion would switch to each one of us.


SF City Impact

Reaching pre-literate and illiterate children

Can you create beautiful visual storytelling technology to help pre-literate or illiterate children engage with the Bible and easily share with friends?

One of OneHope’s most successful ways of spreading the Gospel is through their 17 Stories curriculum. They reach hundreds of thousands of children all over the world each year through this set of 16 trading cards that capture the metanarrative of the Bible. Children receive one card each week they attend, and when all the cards are assembled in the right order, the backs of the cards create one whole image that shows how the children are included and a part of the whole story of the Bible. This program has proved highly successful in attracting children to return to local church programming on a regular basis, and is also effective in outreach to pre-literate audiences.

Do not feel constrained to attempt to duplicate the experience with these physical cards. Rather, use what One Hope has created as a starting point and explore new ways that these cards, images and stories could be used in a mobile digital context to reach children.


One Hope

Small Group Facilitation

How can technology help Small Groups prosper and grow by providing facilitation mechanisms?

Small Groups help us nurture our faith, and build stronger relationships. In small groups, every participant should be seen and heard, we can ask questions, participate discussions, and share insights. Yet, as small groups grow the need for structure during the meeting also grows, so all can be heard and the meeting kept on track.

What if there was a Small Group Facilitation app that would help the Small Groups Leaders and Participants, as well as Church leadership, plan, execute and stay on track with the purpose and design for the particular group?


Reality SF

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A panel of judges will award over $10,000 in cash prizes.

  • $2,500 to Best Overall started at the hackathon
  • $2,500 to Best Overall started before the hackathon
  • $1,500 to Runner-up started at the hackathon
  • $1,500 to Runner-up started before the hackathon
  • $1,000 to People’s choice (voted by all participants across all submitted projects)
  • Plus, other cash prizes for best use of sponsors’ platforms and judges’ special awards.

After the hackathon, your solutions will be featured in a Leadership Network Advance edition reaching over 50,000 church leaders worldwide.

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Meet with Mentors is a great opportunity to connect with industry experts who can guide you and your concepts. Schedule your sessions with mentors of your choice on Friday/Saturday and get connected.

Patrick Gelsinger

Patrick Gelsinger

Patrick P. Gelsinger has been the Chief Executive Officer and a Director of VMware since September 1, 2012. Prior to joining VMware, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure Products at EMC from September 2009 to August 2012. Mr. Gelsinger joined EMC from Intel Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of advanced integrated digital technology platforms, where he was Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager of Intel Corporation's Digital Enterprise Group from 2005 to September 2009 and served as Intel's Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer from 2002 to 2005. Prior to this, Mr. Gelsinger led Intel's Desktop Products Group.
Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg
Director of Leadership Development, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Nancy Ortberg served as a teaching pastor for eight years at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. During that time she lead Network, a ministry that helps people identify their spiritual gifts and find a place of service in the church, and Axis, a weekly gathering for the eighteen- to twenty-something generation.She is a founding partner of Teamworx2, a business and leadership consulting firm affiliated with Patrick Lencioni, which provides fast-paced, practical, and compelling sessions to leaders and their teams. Teamworx2 works with businesses, schools, nonprofits, and churches to address issues of organizational effectiveness and teamwork. Nancy is currently working at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church as the Director of Leadership Development where she is working to create a dynamic and innovative approach to leadership development. Nancy is a gifted communicator who is passionate about helping people connect what they believe with their everyday lives. A highly sought-after speaker, Nancy has been a featured presenter at the Catalyst and Orange conferences, and has been a regular contributor to Rev! Magazine. Nancy is the author of Looking for God: An Unexpected Journey through Tattoos, Tofu, & Pronouns and, Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands, Lessons in Non-Linear Leadership.She and her husband, John, live in the Bay Area and have three children: Laura, Mallory, and Johnny.
Aaron Ginn

Aaron Ginn
Head of Growth, StumbleUpon

Currently the Head of Growth at Stumbleupon, Aaron is an expert on growth and has a passion for public policy issues and philosophy. He applies his personal and professional study of people and metaphysics to marketing, product, and entrepreneurship. His approach to markeitng is product driven, data inspired, and cross-disciplinary (pulling in his experience with philosophy and behavioral economics).He helped grow the Romney Campaign to the millions and StumbledUpon’s users to the tens of millions. He hopes to bring the same success in growth and engagement from the startup and technology community to political arena with LincolnLabs.
Alain Ayoub

Alain Ayoub
Engineering Manager, Google

Alain is a software engineering manager at Google working on bringing fast Internet access to everyone in the world. He is the co-founder of OnHub, a wireless router for the connected home and also worked on Google social networking infrastructure and built software to connect Google's data centers. Prior to Google, Alain held engineering positions at Symantec, Pillar Data Systems, and Maxtor.
Andrew Sears

Andrew Sears
Executive Director, TechMission

Andrew is the founder and Executive Director of TechMission and the President of City Vision College. He serves as the Director of City Vision’s Master’s program in Technology and Ministry that is a startup accelerator for Christian tech projects. He received his MS in Technology and Policy and MS in Computer Science at MIT where he co-founded the Internet and Telecoms Consortium with one of the fathers of the Internet. He has also done consulting in new product development to companies including St. Paul Venture Capital and Sprint as well as many ministries.
Bill Long

Bill Long
Vice President of Operation, Salem Web Network

Bill Long is Vice President of Operations for Salem Web Network where he has worked for over 14 years. In that time, he has overseen all areas of technology including Salem's acquisition and expansion of sites such as BibleStudyTools.com, Crosswalk.com, Christianity.com, GodTube.com and iBelieve.com. Recent highlights include managing GodVine.com, a site that delivers over 30 million page views per month to an audience of over 10 million people. He is well versed in all aspects of Internet product development including initial strategy, project management, design, development and marketing. Bill resides in Richmond, VA with his wife Becky and his 6 year old daughter Olivia.
Blake Burris

Blake Burris
CEO, CleanWeb Initiative

Brent Dusing

Brent Dusing
CEO, Lightside Games

Brent Dusing is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Lightside. Brent founded Lightside out of his passion for quality, authentic Christian entertainment. Prior to Lightside, Brent was the Founder and CEO of Cellfire, the nation’s leading mobile coupon company. Prior to Cellfire, Brent was a venture capitalist. Prior to that, Brent spent a year working with homeless people and refugees in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brent has a bachelors cum laude in Economics from Harvard University.
Brian Howe

Brian Howe
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Impact Hub Seattle

Brian supports entrepreneurs in structuring, launching, and scaling ideas. He is our CEO, as well as the town crier who started yelling about Impact Hub Seattle a few years ago, and has loved watching the village help raise it. Currently, he wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about how this space, community, and resources can best inspire entrepreneurs to build ventures worthy of their full humanity.Prior to launching Impact Hub, he founded Vox Legal PLLC, a law firm that specialized in setting up structures for social ventures, start-ups, and nonprofits. He loves to teach and gets to do so at a few graduate universities, talking about business, social justice, and possibility. He currently serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the UW Center for Commercialization, an advisor to Fledge.co and SiFP.net, a board member with Arts Aftercare and Realize Impact, of counsel with Apex Law Group, and as a partner with VenturScale. He's never happier than when cooking with his wife, hanging out on a rooftop with friends, or playing with his nephews.
Chris Chan

Chris Chan
Front-end Engineer, Yahoo!

Chris is a leader in product innovation at Yahoo. He dominates Hack Days at Yahoo and has won the most number of Hack Days in the company’s history. In his day job, he works as an engineering lead at Yahoo Search, where he is currently bringing his inventions to market. He has 15+ years of experience in programming, and holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from the University of Victoria in Canada. Chris enjoys volunteering his time to a number of causes and ministries. He currently sits on the communications board at Bethel Church of San Jose, where he advises the church on how to effectively leverage technology for the ministry. He is particularly passionate in mentoring and coaching young adults and students about careers and personal finances.
Christian Huang

Christian Huang
Executive Director, SF City Impact

Christian Huang serves as the Executive Director at SF City Impact, a non-profit organization that started in 1984 in the inner-city of San Francisco. In 2011, Christian resigned from his national sales position in health care after receiving a call from a friend who survived being sex-trafficked only four blocks away from SFCI’s main campus. Through SFCI’s Rescue Mission, Health & Wellness Center, Food Bank, Elementary School, Volunteer Center, Adopt a Building, Church, and Social Enterprises, they are intervening in both the lives of the people in the inner-city and the volunteers they mobilize to serve. They believe San Francisco is an epicenter where SFCI’s model of ministry can be scaled and deployed to other inner cities throughout the nation. Christian, his wife Cori, and their three children live in San Francisco and have a burden to see the inner-city revived.
David W. Lin

David W. Lin
Founder and GM of Microsoft Accelerator – China

David ran the operations for Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D headquartered in Beijing, China in the past six years. He completed the $300m campus development and launched an award winning startup accelerator program in 2012 that has since graduated 45 startups with 93% of which receiving further funding. Prior to Microsoft David held various leadership positions in Symantec, VERITAS Software and Sun Microsystems in technical customer-facing roles. He returned to the US mid 2013 to enjoy a sabbatical after working and serving in China for 10 years. He actively mentoring tech entrepreneurs and is currently serving as an advisor to ShotTracker, a wearable tech for athletes; and releaseing a Chinese worship album where he is the executive producer.David has always been active in serving the local churches, having held senior leadership roles in his home church in LA and a large house church in Beijing. His heart is to see the nations discipled and unreached become worshippers of Jesus which is why he serves on the board of GoLiveServe, a missions sending agency that specialize in sending tentmakers to Asia. He is a graduate of MIT in aerospace engineering and is married with three sons.
DJ Chuang

DJ Chuang
Strategy Consultant, American Bible Society

DJ Chuang is a strategy consultant, working with organizations like American Bible Society, Worship Leader Magazine, Leadership Network (as Leadership Community Director for Multi-Site Churches and next gen Asian American churches) and with L2 Foundation developing leadership & legacy for Asian Americans. He hosts the Social Media Church podcast, a place for conversations with church leaders about social media. He’s the editor of 2 books, Asian American Youth Ministry and Conversations: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Virginia Tech. He has been blogging at his personal website [www.djchuang.com] since 1999, curating many links to resources pertaining to churches multiethnic and/or Asian American. He resides in Orange County, California, with his artistic wife Rachelle, and their 16-year old son Jeremiah. Lastly, DJ’s often spotted wearing orange at conferences.
Dusty Gulleson

Dusty Gulleson
Founder, ORA, eResources

Dusty Gulleson is Chief Executive Officer and has built eResources from a one-man web consulting firm into a thriving competitor in the Content Management, Online Application Management, and custom applications market. In addition to managing the growth and strategic vision of eResources, Gulleson serves as the Chief Software Designer. He is responsible for the design and development of the company’s flagship product eResources Content Management System and various SaaS-delivered custom applications, such as the paperless Online Application Manager.In 2012 he formed ORA, a mobile and community building app to introduce a new way to pray. ORA leverages existing social networks and mobile devices to connect individuals in the most meaningful relationship they can have with others and with God. ORA technology creates a personal mobile experience for the individual to invite, connect, share, respond and interact with one another in intercessory prayer. ORA collects, organizes, tracks, reminds, connects and securely shares prayer requests and answers with anyone you choose. ORA does this at a personal and intimate level with your friends and family through the mobile platform or 'app' on their smartphone. And ORA does this at the organization level through software that your organizations can use with your existing infrastructure (i.e. - church management software, emailing system, website cms, etc.)
Jason Illian

Jason Illian
Founder/CEO, BookShout

Jason is the founder and CEO of RethinkBooks.com, a dynamic social e-book company which focuses on engaging and interactive content allowing people to read together. With more than 10 years of technology and executive experience, Jason Illian is a visionary in the mobile and social new media space. Having raised over $30 million for new business ventures, Jason has a passion for taking great ideas and making them businesses. His strategic thinking has helped corporations, organizations, non-profits, churches, and leaders be more innovative. Jason is also the former CEO of Big Jump Media (godtube.com and tangle.com), a Christian video network that had over 4 million monthly users.
Jeff Bone

Jeff Bone
Founder, ORA

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur responsible for the founding of six successful commercial companies, three non-profits and a community foundation. Before joining the eResources team where he manages the strategy and consulting practice, Jeff served as the Chief Technology Officer for Common Good, Inc. in Washington, D.C. developing a global educational initiative to teach and promote Freedom of Conscience via social media. He served as the COO at the John Jay Institute in Philadelphia, as a Strategic Gifts Officer for Prison Fellowship, had organizational-turn-around work as the COO for MOPS International, Inc. , and annual-report-leading work as CIO for the American Bible Society. Prior to his social entrepreneurship, Jeff was a Sr. Vice President and lead the interactive services division of NASDAQ-traded Crosswalk.com. He is also the founder and served as President/CEO of the software company Infomedia, Inc., a developer of early commercial internet banking software. He has served on the board of Praktikos, Inc., the LECAF Foundation, IEEE SoutheastCON, ACM/SIGGRAPH and co-chair of the technology committee for the PCA. Jeff graduated from Samford University, did his graduate MBA work at the University of Colorado, graduate theological studies at New Geneva Seminary, executive studies in the Industrial Liaison program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was recently selected for the inaugural class at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business Global Innovations Program in Social Enterprise. He and his wife have five adult children and make their home in Colorado. Jeff Bone helped co-found ORA LLC
Jess Munro

Jess Munro
Stanford Lecturer & Founder, Entrepreneurs by Design

Jess founded Entrepreneurs by Design to ignite young entrepreneurs by discovering their identity as co-creators. She teaches design thinking at Stanford, where she recently helped reimagine the future of higher ed (2025.stanford.edu). At IDEO, she fueled design for social impact and created tools to make design thinking available to 50,000+ social entrepreneurs globally (HCDconnect.org). She helped launch a school for Africa's future leaders, in Johannesburg. She coached South African Christian business owners to integrate faith and work through Repurposing Business—Transforming Society.™
Josh Kwan

Josh Kwan
Co-founder and Board Chair, Praxis

Josh Kwan is the Board Chair for Praxis and the Director of International Giving for the David Weekley Family Foundation, where he helps provide growth capital to a portfolio of young nonprofits tackling global poverty. In addition to financing, he provides strategic planning, financial assessment, and often serves on the Board of Directors. He graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Government, and also has an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.
Julie Barrios

Julie Barrios
Director of Spiritual Formation, Reality SF

Julie Barrios serves as the Director of Spiritual Formation at Reality SF. She studied Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at Talbot School of Theology and is passionate about the interconnection of spiritual theology and every other craft of culture. It's in these intersections that we discover a robust, embodied awareness of what it means to be human. This was greatly influenced by her time at the Loyola Institute, where she specialized in Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality and it's invitation to "find Christ in all things." With playful joy, Julie has made odd friendships with unlikely disciplines, developmental spirituality and fashion, technology, economics, and art, to name a few. She is a voracious learner and loves to discover Christ in new and unlikely ways.
Kathy Cannon

Kathy Cannon
Senior Pastor, Crossroads Christian Center

Kathy finds the most joy in sharing the story of Jesus and watching people operate in their giftings. Through authentic humor and relevant teaching, she loves working with groups and especially church planters. Her life goals are to be an amazing disciple, wife to Ben, mom, friend, follower & leader. After serving for eight years as an executive pastor of ministry & and development, she is now the lead pastor to an awesome core of families who are re-planting a historic church in the Bay Area.The Cannons have been married for 12 years and became parents through the "zero to chaos" method of adoption. Five uh-mazing kids later, they're busy and often sleep-deprived, but convinced the fantastic 5 are going to make the best grown-ups the world has ever seen.
Ken Churchill

Ken Churchill
Senior Vice President. Morgan Stanley

Ken Churchill is Portfolio Manager Director, Senior Vice President, and Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley. In the 1980s, Ken was the Administrator of World Vision in the central region of Sudan, and worked in Nairobi, Kenya, in public health. He worked twice in Thailand. During the first of these assignments he lived and worked in the Banvinai Refugee Camp near the Mekong River. Later he returned to run World Relief Thailand and the Christian Medical Team, both in Bangkok.
Kent Shaffer

Kent Shaffer
Founder, Open Church

Kent Shaffer lives in an RV with his wife and 2 kids. It's part of his work with Open Church - an initiative to help disciples of Jesus collaborate, learn from each other, and share resources. At the core of this collaborative ecosystem is a free, global library of digital content and tools. He also co-founded a design and marketing firm, launched and sold a few tech startups, and gave strategic counsel to groups such as LifeChurch.tv, Saddleback Church, charity: water, Leadership Network, and OneHope. He writes at ChurchRelevance.com about the intersection of theology and methodology - what we do vs what Christ said. His ministry roots began as a missionary’s kid in Peru and evolved into 10+ years of youth and children’s ministry at Church on the Move, LifeChurch.tv, and Frontline Church.
Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim
Director of Innovation/Teaching Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Kevin Kim is the executive director of Crazy Love Ministries and is working on a house church movement in San Francisco with Francis Chan. He received his B.A in Biology from the University of Virginia and his M.Div from Biblical Theological Seminary.
He is passionate about the intersection of worship and justice, innovation and the church.
In his free time he enjoys basketball, snowboarding and spending time with his wife and three children.
LouAnn Hunt

LouAnn Hunt
Digital Bible Manager, Faith Comes By Hearing

LouAnn Hunt is the Digital Bible Manager at Faith Comes By Hearing. She leads an awesome team who created the second-most downloaded Bible app, Bible.is, offering Bibles in over 800 languages. LouAnn also oversees the Digital Bible Platform, the world's largest digital library of Bible text, audio, and video content, which is available via API. Digital initiatives she manages include localization strategies, Deaf Bible app, KIDZ Bible app, Smart TV apps, radio, and satellite.She loves all things digital and is passionate about getting God's Word to everyone, everywhere in their heart language through every digital means available now and in the future. She is always looking for innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to get the Bible into the hands of every human on earth. Her team's vision is for no one to have to search for the Bible in their language, "the Bible should just BE..."
Lusi Chien

Lusi Chien

Lusi Chien is a Stanford MBA and a dual degree MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School. She is the founder and CEO of 4Soils, a mobile an edu-tainment company that is connecting the mobile first generation with their faith through interactive content and engaging community.
Micah Davis

Micah Davis
Managing Partner and Designer, Ovenbits.com

Micah Davis is the CEO of Oven Bits and a seasoned designer with an affinity for well-crafted, intuitive experiences. From established brands to Bay Area startups, his work with Oven Bits has been generously featured by Apple and reached tens of millions of users. Recent highlights include his work on the Over iOS app and the Bible App for Kids interactive storybook.
Neil Ahlsten

Neil Ahlsten
Co-Founder, CEO, Carpenter's Code

Neil has a passion for innovation that serves the Gospel. Neil is Co-Founder/CEO of Carpenters Code, which has built Abide, an iPhone app for praying together. Neil is on leave from Google, where he spent six years managing business development for vertical ads, launching access and mobile projects in Africa, and a variety of other roles. Before Google, Neil was the Darfur / Chad refugee program manager for the U.S. Department of State, and served in hotspots across Africa for Food for the Hungry and the World Bank.
Roberto Ortiz

Roberto Ortiz
Director of Mobile Design, Yahoo

Roberto is currently Director of Mobile Design at Yahoo, where he helps lead a design team focused on native mobile experiences. His journey at Yahoo began less than a year ago after being acquired for a mobile product he helped design with his close friend. Prior to Yahoo, Roberto spent a couple of years at Google where he focused on UX design, however he jump started his career in software and design when he was recruited by Lockheed Martin when he was 17 years old. He is also a co-founder of ELEO (eleoconference.com), a meetup and conference held in the bay area that focuses on leadership + entrepreneurship.
Sandra Borgest

Sandra Borgest
co-founder, Solid Ground International

Sandra Borgest is a co-founder of Solid Ground International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the help, assistance, and healing of individuals exploited by human trafficking through the establishment and maintenance of transitional housing.
Troy Carl

Troy Carl
Vice President, Faith Comes By Hearing

Revolutionary initiatives and programs led by Troy Carl include the development of the 40-day MP3 Bible program called You've Got The Time, the BibleStick, the Military BibleStick, the Audio Bible Ambassador software system, and the Digital Bible Platform, which features API Scripture distribution in nearly 800 languages via radio broadcast, digital download, SMS, streaming, and its premier mobile app network Bible.is. This platform has reached over 100 million unique users in 246 countries in under 36 months. Troy brings a strategic understanding of how to employ Internet and mobile technology in the service of God’s kingdom. He manages diverse teams of professionals across multiple disciplines including, fundraising and development, marketing and communications as well as digital technologists. Troy has sought out and developed Bible engagement campaigns that use state-of-the-art tools to bring people closer to God. One of these Bible listening initiatives is You’ve Got The Time, which is designed to combat biblical illiteracy and raise awareness of the need for Audio Scripture outreach to the world’s poor and illiterate people. Since 2006, nearly seven million men, women, and children in over 16,000 churches from 140 denominations have participated. Troy was also the president and CEO at eStarNetwork, a telecommunications Internet company. He also served on the board of directors of Cognigen Networks Inc. (OTC:BB CGNW), a publicly traded Internet company with gross sales of more than $50 million a year. Prior to that, he was the senior vice president/director of sales for WorldConnect Communications Inc.
Tyler Prieb

Tyler Prieb
Director of Ministry Catalyzation, OneHope

Tyler serves at OneHope, a ministry working to catalyze churches to reach every young person in the world with the good news of Jesus in innovative, relevant ways. He has been at OneHope for 4 years, consulting with churches, agencies, and networks in over 30 countries to design great ministry initiatives. He oversees a team that is conducting market research on ministry innovation in 40 countries, as well as the Illuminate platform, designed to spark learning by highlighting innovative models of children and youth ministry around the globe. His passion is helping great ministry ideas grow, everywhere. He lives and plays in beautiful Chattanooga, TN.
Vince Marotte

Vince Marotte
Internet Pastor, Gateway Church

Vince Marotte is a communicator, futurist, speaker and consultant. He dwells in creative spaces and lives with ideas. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always looking for a better way to do things. He recently wrote Context and Voice—communication design in our new media culture and also contributes regularly to Outreach Magazine. Vince is currently the Internet Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas and has served in ministry since the 90′s. He was first a Youth Pastor in San Diego and Kauai, Hawaii and planted churches in Southern California. He is married to Tami (12 years) and father to daughter Ashtynne and son Steele. He is also a lifelong skateboarder, nature lover, foodie, craft beer enthusiast and competitive cyclist.

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At Code For The Kingdom, we value your precious time and don’t want you to reinvent the wheel. That’s why our sponsors have come forward to offer their API, in order to enable you to build better and faster. That said, please note that there is no compulsion that these API must be used or any other restrictions on technologies that you may use at the Hackathon.

We believe that these platforms may assist you as you create effective solutions to today’s problems. We have also instituted cash prizes of $500 for the best usage of each of the two APIs our sponsors have provided. So leverage these API and the best resources around so that together, we can create technology that matters.

Access to hundreds of versions and languages.

Access to hundreds of versions and languages.

Get access to hundreds of Bible versions available across multiple languages. We are constantly adding new versions to BibleSearch and try to offer the most popular versions through our API. View all API versions.

Search the Bible.

Search the Bible for any reference or keyword directly from your site. The API makes it easy for you to integrate search functionality so that your users can find the verse that they are looking for quickly.

Access to entire Bible.

Provide your users with full access to the Bible. Not only do they have the ability to search the Bible, but you can provide direct access to books, chapters, and verses in a way that fits your application.

Multiple versions in a unified format.

Access multiple versions all with single unified format. We’ve done the hard work of converting varied and proprietary text formats so that you can focus on building your app and not on text conversion.

Create your own app.

We provide the Bible text so that you can dream up the the next app that truly helps individuals engage with the Bible.

Get Started!

Access digital Bible content in hundreds of languages. Free.

Easy access to Bible text, audio, and videos with simple API calls to the Digital Bible Platform. Become one of the few developers to provide Deaf Bible videos in your app.

Help Faith Comes By Hearing enhance the Digital Bible Platform for the developer community. Provide your feedback and in turn support enhancements for your apps.

During the event, this username and key will be active so developers can immediately use the API. If you want to continue using the API after the event you can sign up for your own key.

  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: Seattle2014
  • Login URL: https://www.digitalbibleplatform.com/site/wp-login.php
  • DBT Key: fd82d19821647fa4829c7ca160b82e6f

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Why the rules?

The rules are in place to give every participant the same opportunity for success. In order to be eligible for the prizes, participants must follow the rules. However, if you want to participate and not follow the rules below, you will be permitted to do so, although you will not be eligible for the prizes.

Importantly, you can start coding ahead of the hackathon or at the hackathon. So what are you waiting for? Register now and get started!

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Read the rules

You can start coding ahead of the hackathon or at the hackathon.


Participants are free to use any tools that they know, in order to help them code.


There will be identical but separate cash awards for teams that started coding before the hackathon as well as teams that started coding at the hackathon. However, some or all of the coding must take place at the hackathon, in order to be eligible for the prizes.


Although not mandatory, participants are encouraged to use our platform sponsor’s technologies.


Participants have full ownership of what they build during the Code for the Kingdom hackathon and are free to do with it as they wish. If you build as a team, the IP is shared by the team. If you build as an individual, the IP is all yours.


Participant must submit their project by the submission time on Sunday afternoon. No late submissions will be accepted.


Prizes are non- transferable by the winner. Prize winners will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting a prize.

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What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people get together and develop some awesome technologies in a short time span. Think of it as a creative marathon where at the end you have some product to show for.

Who is organizing the 2014 Code for the Kingdom Bay Area Hackathon?

The Code for the Kingdom Bay Area Hackathon is being organized by Leadership Network with the collaboration of Carpenters, The SF Bay Christian Entrepreneurs Meetup Group, and CrazyLove.org.

What is this hackathon trying to accomplish?

This Hackathon is a non-profit event to encourage the activation and on-going collaboration of a larger ecosystem of all sort of creative individuals ( including programmers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders of churches, non-profits, and the marketplace) who are passionate about creating technologies to tackle from a Christian perspective the challenges confronting our society, our communities, our churches, and our spiritual lives.

Is there a main theme to the Code for the Kingdom Bay Area Hackathon?

Yes, Transforming Lives. How can technology help alleviate and eradicate all forms of injustice while teaching about God’s unconditional love?

I'm from outside the Bay Area. Can I still participate?

Yes. Join us.

I'm not Christian. Can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely.

What if I don’t know how to program?

Everyone has something to offer to help transform lives. If you come full of ideas there will be technologists eager to be in a team with you.

Do I have to bring my own laptop?

Yes; we do not provide computers. Please bring anything you’ll need to code.

Is food provided?

Yes – We will provide dinner on Friday May 30th, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday Mat 31st, and breakfast, and lunch on Sunday the June 1st.

I can’t stay whole 24 hours, can I still participate?

Yes. We realize that 47 hours is a long time, and that some people might have other commitments, or might prefer to work remotely, or need to go home/hotel to rest and shower. Yet, you need to be present for the initial few hours during the startup demos, and at some point you need be at the venue and do some work onsite. You will also need to be present for the final few hours for the presentations and judging.

Can I sleep at the venue?

Yes the venue will be open for the duration of the event, please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, or whatever you might need, and find a place at the venue to take a good nap.

Are there showers at the venue?


Will I meet my team members before the event?

Possibly. You can use the Code for the Kingdom Google + Community at anytime to meet other participants, propose ideas, and recruit or be recruited into a team. But you can also bring your own team, or come alone and become part of a team at the hackathon.

Can I present a technology I already have?

You can build on top of something you have, but whatever you present must have new code developed for at least one of the challenges of the hackathon and you must do some of that coding at the hackathon venue during the hackathon hours.

Won’t other teams who are building on top of technologies they already developed, not have an unfair advantage over me who plans to start coding during the actual hackathon hours?

We don’t think so. There will be separate prizes, but of similar amount, for teams that present solutions built on their existing technologies, and for teams that start fresh at the hackathon. We want to honor all of you, regardless of whether you have been working for a while on something you are passionate about, or whether you decide on something brand new.

Do I have to work non-stop?

No. The work space will be available non-stop ( the entire hackathon 47 ) but it is up to you and your team to decide on your work schedule.

Who owns the IP of what we make?

This is ultimately a question for your team. But neither the organizers nor Code for the Kingdom claims any ownership of any technologies you develop.

Will I be able to test my presentation before the final presentation?


What's the format of the final presentation?

Each team will have 5 minutes for their demo and 3 minutes to answer questions from the judges.

Who will be in attendance at the final presentations?

The final screening is public, although space is limited. Expect a mixture of participants, hi-tech executives, venture capitalists and angels, ministry and non-profit leaders, press, and observers.

Will there be awards given?

Yes. We will give over $10K in cash awards.

What's the hashtag?


Who is on the Jury?

The jury’s composition will be announced closer to the date of the hackathon.

What are the judging criteria?

The judges will consider Kingdom impact, viability, innovativeness / originality, and completeness.