Here are the winners.

Best of New Code

Global Responder Bot

Global Responder Bot is a chatbot that helps address the Syrian Refugee Crisis by leveraging technology to close gap between us and them, specifically a refugee child. It helps make meaningful connections with people by having the bot communicate their story. Specifically, when a global crisis happens, people get ask questions and get answers specific to the disaster. The Bot can help people get answers and show them ways they can help or be helped.

Team Members:

  • Moriah Rees
  • Tyler Kinlow
  • Scott Rees
  • Philip Kinlow

Best of Existing Code

Moses Rod


The Book of Exodus

What it does:

Teaches Christian Kids and Teens how to build their own 3D Computer Bible Adventure Games. They learn the Bible as well as how to code.

How we built it:

Unity 3D, C# and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into:

Only 1 member of the quickly formed Hackathon Team knew how to use Unity 3D so much time was spent learning the 3D Game Engine Environment

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We were able to create a couple of Role Playing Game Bible Quests with an interactive audio and video enhanced story. We also wrote a chapter for the Quests & Crafting section of the Moses Rod RPG. We also had a lot of fun working together!

What we learned:

Unity 3D, Game Development with 3D Animation & Graphics. The team also learned about how BibleByte Books & Games markets their computer programming tutorials to teachers, parents and students

What's next for the Moses Rod 3D Bible Adventure Game Programming Tutorial For Christian Kids & Teens Expansion:

Additional tutorial chapters on Mecanim 3D animation and RPG Inventory Management. The Unity 3D Game Programming Tutorial is planned for release in 2017 for Christian Schools and Homeschool parents.

Team Members:

  • Philip Conrod
  • Jonathan Benhi
  • Sugih Muliawan
  • Dax Kerchner
  • Jimmy Tao

People's Choice


The GiveSafe app exists to reveal the needs of those we pass everyday—the single mom on the bus, the grandfather on the street, the homeless teen outside the supermarket—and provide an effective, cashless way to respond.

If you have the app and simply pass by a beacon holder, you receive a notification with the person's story. You can then give into a fund the individual can use on critical needs to leaving the streets with a case manager's help.

For this hackathon, we added a feature wher eyou can send words of encouragement to a person in need. Beacon holders can get their messages from a merchant. We also enabled volunteers to buy and hand out beacons on their own and we created a way for partner case managers to log monthly conversations.

Team Members:

  • Jonathan Kumar
  • Andrei Villasana
  • Andrew Uptain
  • Grace Jang
  • Peter Dore
  • Ben Johnson
  • Tony Lanera
  • Joel Scalera
  • Grayson Sinclair
  • Zhang Zhen


Join us for the 2016 Seattle Code for the Kingdom hackathon. Together with local organizers and partner organizations we share a common vision to provide more opportunities for communities around the world to participate and showcase innovation and entrepreneurship in their communities in creating technologies addressing significant issues confronting society, community, families, and spiritual life.

The third Seattle Code for the Kingdom hackahton builds upon the success of the 2013 and 2014 Seattle Code for the Kingdom hackathons, as well as the 2015 Global hackathon and previous regional hackathons, which have already gathered over 3500 technologists to create over 330 projects to do good. This largest ever global faith-inspired tech collaboration will continue to activate technologists and other creative people to give their skills and some time as their contribution to the mission field, and it will also leverage the skills and in- sights of entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists to foster an entrepreneurial culture with Christian values.

Come, participate and address a number of challenges aimed at helping release the oppressed, teaching God’s Word, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and supporting the church and the body of Christ.

Join us and let’s together create technology that matters.